Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Long day... just getting back from Redwood City and I wanted to share a small piece of my world today.

A small group of RN's are on this committee....and as we introduce ourselves, the leader of the group states his name and says...."I'm gay." Now, normally do people express their sexual orientation when they introduced themselves?

So... when it got to me I said my name and " I like dick!" Nobody laughed!

I am no longer in the group!


Valerie said...

Wow. OK, first of all, people need to have a sense of humor because that is freaking hilarious! And also, only a person with a chip on their shoulder would feel the need to announce they are gay like that, it is like a challenge to everyone else. And rude. I mean, really, who cares. Sounds like you were in the wrong group anyway.

I would have laughed. And laughed. I wouldn't be in the group anymore either....

Mary said...

I am going to go to the next meeting with a penis hat on!

Vicki said...

Nobody laughed, are you kidding.
I mean, for Christs sake what was different than what she said, other than, I like pussy.
Joke em baby, you got what it takes.
It was unprofessional of her to even make that statement. I suppose you shouldn't have either, but hey, she did..na na na na

Monica said...

oh man i would pay money to have witnessed this! i can picture you saying this with a straight face and all. damn woman you are good! i hope my child has your sence of humor!

further more to the nurse man, who cares if your gay? did that have anything to do with anything? NO!

Busby said...

You should have added after "I like dick" something like "I hope we don't have a fight over the same one."