Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

This year I am just resting. I miss my youngin' days to an extent on these days... they were fun and defined me as a pretty good event planner. But not now. The torch has been passed and I am a participant. On most levels I am happier about it, but one memory lingers which makes me wish for a big day. It was at Silverado Trail when we had the big Easter hunt with Alli , Ryan, Sarah, Steven, Charise, Vince and Amanda. We have pictures , and everyone was just having a great day. Does anyone else remember? Richard had just put out the potted plants on the side of the house on the new steps!

anyway.. I have great memories with my family. I glass is absolutely half full. Happy Easter my great family... I love you!


Vicki said...

I remember that day very well, and feel it also.
It was a wonderful Easter.

Sarah Michele said...

I love you too and I a totally remember that Easter!

I remember it because we were hunting for eggs, the real ones not the plastic ones, and Gypsy(awww, Gypsy) nipped at someone who "found" the egg she was munching on. Does anyone remember that? I think it was Charise that she nipped at? But it was a real egg so who could blame her? She was just protecting the egg :)