Monday, March 17, 2008


Today I will put 9 new patients in the computer (with all their orders and meds) , I will talk with them and put in my assessment. I also have a meeting to plan the 2nd annual patient picnic for 180 patients and tonight I have yet another meeting at 530pm regarding anemia management and why the hemoglobins are so low right after a hospital stay.

Tuesday I will go to Redwood City and be part of a small group of nurses who are working on trade marking a way to deliver information to the docs quickly yet keeping our critical thinking skills.

Wednesday I will be working the floor with my regular 36 patients for 12 hours

Thursday I will give an inservice on infection control with my power point presentation and test I did by myself.... by the way I am offering 2 CEU's.

Friday I will do the most important thing to me ..... see my grandbabies

Saturday , back to work on the floor.

busy week....but well worth it because I am so enjoying my work right now.


Vicki said...

YOu make me tired just reading what you do.
Gotta go take a nap now.

Monica said...

i am off this friday, i have to take my grams to the dr, but after that i can bring you a brynnie! she is missing you!

Mary said...

bring me a Brynnie before the doc appt...
What time do you have to be there? I am going to Sarahs to make paper mache easter eggs at 930-1130... let me know..

Monica said...

ok i will find out the time and let you know, count brynn in for making eggs! what should i bring?

Sarah Michele said...

Man, thats crazy.

Cool! We will have a full house, Wyatt will be here too.

Valerie said...

So.... this blog is funny now after reading your new post. Redwood City meeting didn't go as planned.

I am Valerie and I am straight.

That is all.