Monday, April 21, 2008


Apparently I made this woman cry today and was called into the office for it...... this put me in a foul mood.

The other day mom and Jean were in town and stopped by and saw me at work. I was thrilled to show off my new digs and APPARENTLY I did not introduce my mom to this woman and that hurt her feelings....

Holy god woman.... I cannot win for losing.

I am a nice person at work... believe me....I am told I am fair, nice and very efficient... so how "insensitive" of me that I don't bend down and lick her asshole.... or introduce her to my mom.

I am in such a bad mood... Ernie took me to get a margarita and hot wings...that just gave me a headache...

It will blow over tomorrow.... because I am going to have a meeting with her and her boss and explain..... how it wasn't intentional and I didn't mean to make her cry....APPARENTLY!

Because when you want management you have to learn to lick your own asshole after the reaming.


Vicki said...

You ARE in a foul mood my darling.
Tell her I didn't want to meet her. : )
Blame me.
Wah Wah Wah, I have never had anyone cry over not meeting me, what a treat. How special am I????

Valerie said...

She cried because you didn't introduce mom to her.... wow. If she has a husband I pity him.

Monica said...

ok...that is a bit much, crying because you didnt introduce her to your mom? Is she one of those ladys who has no friends, kids, husband and lives alone with 20 cats?
you should reccommend she get counsling!

Vicki said...

how did the meeting go??

Mary said...

total BS. I sat and said practically nothing while she rambled on and hung herself.

It ended with me saying I will email her with any conversations.

It is hard to be so right! I suffer with it greatly.

Valerie said...

LOL Mary. Being right all the time is a hard burden to bear, but just think, what would the people who are wrong all the time do without people like us to look up to? I just can't imagine.