Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Come prepared to get dirty!

Sunday May 18th is an all day work party at grandmas... Yes... if you act now you can get a lifetime supply of toothpicks... for this woman has them in every corner of her house.

May 18th ladies and gentlemen there will be a Uhaul, a dumpster , and a good will pile. but we do need muscle.
sign ups:

dumpster runners : these lucky people will take garbage and throw it in the dumpster

Uhaul packers: these lucky MEN will pack all that will be stored in the storage unit

Assorted what not: these lucky people will do all the rest

We want to make this efficient and within one day... so please try to make it and come prepared to get dirty! WE NEED EVERYBODY!


Vicki said...

Hummm, I notice no sign ups.
Val is going to try, but she has her graduation the next weekend and it is difficult to get two weekends off in a row.

Vicki said...

Love your "about Me" profile photo

Mary said...

If we build it ....they will come!

Monica said...

we will be there!!

Sarah Michele said...

Can it be any other day?

We can't make it that day:(

How can we help out anyway?

Valerie said...

I am trying to get it off work, I will do my best, I am already planning on calling in sick for the June party because they aren't letting anyone else off that day. Since I never call in sick, I am OK with it it, but I obviously can't do it twice. I will do my best! I want to help! I really do.

Mary said...

don't sweat it anyone..

Steve and Ernie will be there and Monica me and mom... we will get it done...

scuba steve said...

i am volintold ...ill be there with my brute strenghth....etu brute