Friday, April 4, 2008


When I had Sarah I did not realize the implications of what I did. I just wanted her. I wanted a baby to call my own. She slept with me in my bed and I caressed her head and I loved her so deeply. I love all my kids, but it was Sarah who was an amazement to me because she was my first.

Sarahs name was picked by Valerie as otherwise she would have been named Charise Marie. It was a little girls name in her kindergarten I think. Valerie was also the first one to make Sarah laugh when we lived in Georgia.

In other blogs I have noticed Sarah and Valerie have a great deal in common and I think they are kindred spirits... god knows they both have a biting sense of humor...

Regina and Michael took an instant lovin' to Sarah.. as she fit right in to our baby house... I remember Regina playing with her and Michael touching her fingers. All my siblings have been so generous at times I had pretty much nothing... did everyone know that Michael and Regina paid for my kids new school clothes one year? And what about Michael helping with my PGE?

OK... I am crying... I am eternally greatful....

I then moved away with my little bundle and had two more bundles.....but I needed to be with my family... as always..... my family comes first.... I needed to let you know that I love you!


Vince said...

wow that was awesome, definitely touching, thanks for sharing that

Vicki said...

Your a good lady my dautter! Your gratitude is so sweet. We have a great family, we are fortunate indeed.

Valerie said...

Awww cute little baby Sarah. Since I was the youngest she was the first baby I had really been around, and she was so much fun! I remember making her laugh for the first time, one of those childhood memories that will just always stick out.

Oh, and nice pic of Sarah, you look good in a baseball cap, very cute! It must be because your brother was born under the Giants zodiac sign.

Sarah Michele said...

Aww, you LOVE ME! :)

I was so skinny in that picture! And Jonny still on a bottle... so cute!

I know what you mean about your first kid, there is just something special about them. Plus I am awesome.

You post gave me little goosebumps!

Monica said...

that is very insightful into how close you two are.
what a touching blog, and an incredible family i feel blessed to be a part of, and expand.