Tuesday, April 29, 2008

work day

Well yesterday started early..say 330 am because I was in charge of the pneumovax day at the clinic. I gave shots til around 12 and then I was in charge of my first meeting all by myself.

I talked about over 40 patients and how they were doing.... this meeting is called the March PCP/ ROS review... translation (primary care patients in Santa Rosa review) . There was one nephrologist, two social workers and one dietician. There was also a drop in patient who wanted his review in person...

My boss was busy with another corporate so and so and so.... she asked me to conduct it... it went well and I used humor to lighten the load.. I hope I made a good impression.


Valerie said...

I bet you made a great impression! You are really good with people.

Vicki said...

Wow..you ARE so impressive Mary.
I love how you are able to take charge. You didn't make anyone cry did you??