Monday, July 28, 2008

school is cool?

well, not really... I mean I am doing just fine, but I need to find my heart. I am just not into it like I was for my BSHA. I will continue no doubt, but I am saying I need some incentive.

I just feel like I am going through the motions which is a bad thing because 1. I am not contributing my fullest to my team and 2. I am not absorbing the material.

I feel like I am only half logged on..... you know when the hour glass is thinking?

anyway! I love ya lots.... and hey, does everyone know Amanda has a blog?


Vince said...

yea, im surprised you didnt get to this point of school earlier, i feel it almost everytime at the end of spring semester, right before summer, like im going thru the motions and hardly absorb the material....think of what you will be able to do once you finish, and how much bank youll be making because of this degree, it will well be worth it!

Vicki said...

what is Amanda's blog address. I didn't know she has one.
And, you'll get your "Groove" on with school, something will peak your interest, and then, there you will go, full throttle.

Valerie said...

Amanda's link in on my page. Keep at it Mary. I start again on the 25th, gonna get motivated as soon as the wedding is over!