Wednesday, July 23, 2008


If I rubbed a lamp and was given three wishes I would jump right away for the first two...

health and money... but the third gives me the wobbles because I am torn....

I would want to be a kid for a week again.... say around 13... I could see my great grandma and grandma together... I would see valerie as a baby and I would hug gina and sit with michael a while to talk.

I would then look at my mom.... take a real look at her and soak in the moments that have just flown by.... moments I wished to fly by at the time, and moments I could wish back if I pick this as my third wish....

oh.... but wait, there is a turmoil right?

The other one would be travel back in time to about 24 years of age. Sarah would be 6 , Steve 4 and Charise 2. I would want to hold Sarah and tell her what a beautiful , sweet girl she is and I would toss the ball around with Steve and play war... I would drown Charise and get it over with, but I digress...... my baby is going through such a hard time....I love you bazoo!

So what would your wishes be?


Vince said...

first wish: to have an additional three wishes, second wish: to let family have plenty enough money to not have to worry about it for the rest of their lives, third wish: to experience life as a couple different people(a female, an african american, famous athlete or actor) fourth wish: to be successful with my career fifth wish: to know what happens when we die

Monica said...

first wish... health for my delf and family,
second, enough money so myself and my close family would never have to work and we could just travel the world and have great vacations,
third wish, to live happily ever after with my hubbie and all our kids and grand kids and great grandkids

Busby said...

I'd give the three of my sisters each one of my wishes. I am very happy in my life and have no regrets and no desire to visit the past.


Valerie said...

Oh listen to Michael, being all giving. :) This is good topic though. I am not sure what I would pick.

Vicki said...

Three wishes...
First, like Vince, any time I wanted to wish I could.
Two, my figure back
three, Richards figure back
four, my mental quickness back
five, an ability to play an instrument really well
six, fame and fortune
seven, well, you get the picture, I want it all! : )
Guess I'll settle for great memories.