Friday, August 29, 2008

HERstory 9

When I was living in North Haven Connecticut Regina and I had bunk beds and I was the top bunk. I had hung a life size poster of Peter Framptom over my head. He was reckless and wild. I loved his permed long hair... now don't think dirty because I was very young... so my fantasy only was to hold his hand.... REALLY! Maybe he could play Barbies with me and Gina!

Anyway , recently Ernie and I had on a music channel and who pops up was Peter. ( we are on first name basis). Where is his hair? I guess long hair on a 50 year ....He did age well....

there is that perspective again.... if only I had never seen him now, I could have kept that youthful image as a NOT POSSIBLE.


Vicki said...

yes, but his music is still very good.
I thought he looked like a little boy when his photo was over your bed, at least it wasn't Jacko like your daughters. Oh and remember Regina's John Travolta poster?

Sarah Michele said...

Tell me about it! My childhood crush was Michael Jackson! Ugh, he so ruined it.