Sunday, August 10, 2008

jail house blues

I went and saw Miss Charise in JAIL...

She gave me some tips I thought I should share.

Jailhouse raspberry mocha:

Non dairy creamer, raspberry koolaid, hot chocolate mix.

How do you stick a picture on the wall when glue is not allowed?


Jailhouse tamales.

take tortilla chips, bean and rice, squish them all together in a plastic back and then roll into a tamaleoid.

Squeeze out and enjoy!

she is as OK as she can be... She gets out November 7 th instead of Dec 12 because she served 25 days of this sentence in a prior jailing.....

Yah know.... when you have a baby and you look into her little eyes , you don't envision having to put money on her books in 20 or so years.

It is not easy for anyone.... I love ya....


Vicki said...

: (
Breaks my heart for you Mary.

Busby said...

So we'll see her for Thanksgiving then!


Monica said...

you are so strong!

and so is she, she will get threw and she will be home shortly after savanna arrives!

Vicki said...

no, she is not strong, thats why she is where she is.

Valerie said...

I am glad she will be out for Thanksgiving.

Sometimes people need to learn everything the hard way, so maybe this is what Charise needs. We love you Mary!

Vicki said...

But wait...I love her dearly