Tuesday, September 23, 2008

HERstory 11

Tarot has always interested me. I found my mind wandering to places I imagined as true. A story for the believers to live by. "yes... you will find happiness." "no, he is truly sorry." " no, your hair will not grow back over the scars."

I let myself get out of the practice of it because Glen burned my deck calling me a witch. He probably would have had me hung that next morning had I not gotten to him first... ( evil laugh).

when I would do my own tarot I always picked myself as the empress.

She always had an air about her that I wanted to relate to. That was my early 20's. I then went into another phase of my life, so I picked "the fool." because I had been duped by my own self doubt and started a course of years where I didn't trust my own thought.

If I had a Tarot deck today I would pick yet another card to represent myself. It would be "strength." I have weathered some pretty aweful storms and although weathered, I have withstood the beating. Today I trust myself and whether it be my age or listening to other wise people...I am strong!

What tarot are you?


Vicki said...

I am one of the queens, not sure which one, maybe hearts?

Valerie said...

Cool blog Mary. I do not know much about Tarot so I do not know what card I would be. But I know what you mean about distrusting your own thoughts, it is a hard phase.