Friday, September 5, 2008

My Jo Jo

Now, I am not picking favorites because their just isn't one... but I want to take a minute to explore this guy... Jonathan.

Here is a little poem I wrote:

Jumping, twirling and telling a story he knows
He keeps you watching with his super hero throws

He asks ten questions as he swings at the hanging punch bag
And without missing a beat , leaps on the trampoline and pushes Ellie screaming "tag!"

His favorite color could blue, or red , or green
But deciding a color doesn't get his super cool moves seen.

This little boy is so blatently addicting
Being around him , there is no predicting.

Tell him a tale and he will tell you one back
He won't let up or give any slack

I love him to the stars, the moon and through all infinite space
I hold him in my heart, the deepest, warmest, safest place.


Vicki said...

You captured him Mary in your poem. What a great guy

Valerie said...

That was really good Mary, how sweet!