Saturday, October 11, 2008

Grandchildren are the reason you don't kill your teenagers.

When I was growing up I always dreamed of my children.... but I did not dream of grandchildren... someone should put that dream into the atmosphere...

With Twix, Cheetos and iced cookies in tow...
I had a great time last night with the chickadees

Rock em sock em robots with your hands is easy... but with your feet?

It is all fun with the foam darts til:

one hits you in the eye.... Poor JoJo ( I was aiming for his forehead.... really)

We did pumpkin art and
had a contest of who had the scariest face..... she no way won.... but this is sooo cute!!

Where is Ellie you ask?

Right here.... directly hooked to my hip... my lap monkey.... she loves her some Umma..

But the coolest was the pumpkin light saber light show... bigger than disney land and well known across the lands...

The shadow show was exciting..

and we all had a great time.... Ellie fell asleep at 945 and these little critters crashed about 1045 and mom and dad got home aroung 1100... and I went home.... OH YAH!!!

do you love Umma? Look at this smile and I dare you to defy the facts...


Valerie said...

Aw, what great pictures!

Monica said...

im pretty sure brynn is hung over today! lol!

she came home around 830 this morning, got in bed with me and watched cartoons till about 10 (when the donut wore off) and then slept till 1:30! and even then i had to drag her out of bed cause i needed to go to the store!

Vicki said...

What great phtos Mary, you had a great time. Poor JoJos eye. Is he all right?
Scheech! You don't aim for a forehead, remember William Tell????