Friday, February 13, 2009

miscellaneous adorability

Jonny in the bottom half of a jump...
this boy just rocks my world..
Miss Elliot found lip gloss in Amanda's room..
she is fascinated with the high gloss and asked for a mirror

Brynn in Uma's glasses..
she is sooooo funny this one...

Miss Savanna looking at herself in the mirror
she cannot believe herself
Sarah will kill me for this picture, but honestly.... she is just glowing in this stage of her pregnancy... just glowing I tell ya...
Oh... and that is Jonny being a tyranosaurus (sp?)

Savanna says " that's a cute shirt that baby is wearing."


Amanda said...

haha i like the last one, it made me laugh the most. they are all soo cute.

Vicki said...

I just LOVE seeing these photos of the kids
Keep them coming grandma.