Tuesday, February 3, 2009

no such thing

The owner of this cow would be sited for neglect. It just doesn't work. Advertising is ridiculus.
I ordered a throw for Brynn... The snuggie... buy one get one for 19.95 and get two free book lights as well. ( bastard thing costed 38.00 after S&H). Ernie and I went to walgreens and there it is ... for only 14.99. We cancelled the other one and Brynn is in snuggie heaven.
Busy , busy, busy.... but I love to be a consumer... it is my addiction...


Amanda said...

haha the snuggie is so funny, its just a blanket with arms, lol. Denise wanted one, too. And yes walgreens always has the as seen on tv stuff, i love it!

Monica said...

i will get pictures of her this weekend, she seriously a snuggie addict!

the girl loves her snuggie...and of course her book light cause she is also addicted to reading (im not complaining!) i love it!