Friday, March 6, 2009

hard times

I am going through an emotionally hard time... I am not myself and I am certainly struggling. Knowing full well I will come out of it and do fine... I am going through the forever mind thinking of how to change the situation. I will do it..
I am fine... I love you all..


Vicki said...

it comes, it goes, do you want to talk about it, give me a call. Love you

Mary said...

thanks mom... I know I can ALWAYS call you..

love ya..

Monica said...

remember to take time for yourself, no work, no school, no kids, no husband, no phone,no nothing! just take a drive (with your gps) and get a bit to eat, have alone time, scream, and reflect! then love your grandbabies! they can always make it better

Valerie said...

I'm sorry Mary. Down times are tough and even tougher to come out of, but you are strong. Call me if you want to vent.