Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Never give up

I have seen this before.. but it still makes me chuckle. Sometimes a comic can hit it right on the head..

Further more, I don't know why you all are trying to insist I am jealous of MY granddaughters having a wonderful and meaningful day at "the greats".. I personally am happy they have family time... you know how I feel about my family.. so stop!

No one can take my place until I die.... then they can have has been a lot of work...

I love you all..


Monica said...

who said you were jealous?

anyways, the girls can have a day with you whenever you want them!

Vicki said...

Where did that come from?
Love the cartoon.

Mary said...

I want them everyday... I want to see all the grandkids all the time..

but I am really busy...

I know I chose it.. but it still doesn't make me less busy..

Monica said...

you dont have to defend, or feel bad for being busy! you are doing what you need to do to do what you need to do.

you let me know when you want them...and there yours, or even if you just want to stop by fo 5 minutes to give kisses, your always welcome and my home is always open to you!

just keep swimming, just keep swimming!

the way i think of it, is you may be busy now, but thats just making time for later on when they are all doing so many different things!