Monday, March 2, 2009

windy windy weather

Oh my goodness.... Dorothy has landed from Kansas here in Santa Rosa..

It has blown over trees and lifted my kitty off her little paw paws... I had to run after her.... It was maia... cammy was firmly planted.. Must be maia's hollow bones..

I want to get another phrase other than things I have heard for the last 3 months:


**Sally Mae

**holding my California tax return


**economic stimulus


** overwhelmed


So I think I want to say and get it off my chest.... I am scared that we will all have to move in together to save money.... and personally, I would NOT allow peeps in my house...

I love you all..


Vicki said...

harumph, I guess you can't come live here then. I have TONS of Peeps.
I have the God given right to have Peeps, and to maintain their well being and safety.
Plus, they are dandy to look at, as well as to eat.

Monica said...

humm.. no peeps you say. I guess you stay in the trailer!
Love you!

Vicki said...

you come live with me Monica

Valerie said...

We will have the "peeps" side of the house, and the "non-peeps" side of the house. The non-peeps side will have the TV, the computer and the ice cream.

Mary said...


Monica said...

well the peepsside will have the power outlets, so you wont ve able to use your computer, watch your tv and your ice cream will melt! bawhahahahahahah!