Thursday, May 14, 2009

numerology- the other pagan ritual

I recently have discovered numerology. It is VERY cool..

so you take your birth name:
4 1 9 7 2 3 1 2 7 = 36 3+6 = 9

9 : As the number one is the beginning of all things, the Number Nine is the end. It represents humanitarianism, compassion, tolerance and both spiritual and material success. People with the number nine in their charts are idealistic mystics that long to leave the world a better place. They are blessed with more charm and compassion than all of the numbers added together. Unfortunately, they can become too idealistic, forcing their beliefs onto others and/or becoming prejudiced against those who do not follow the path they themselves have chosen.

Oh it goes on and on ... with your birth date and month and year... we could seriously figure out who our whole family is and then figure them out...

what is your number? go to


Valerie said...

You don't put your middle name in?

Vicki said...

I am a Number Two, say what?????

Almost the complete opposite of the number one, The Number Two represents synergy and diplomacy. Not interested in becoming great leaders, people with the number two in their charts are content to work behind the scenes supporting and encouraging others. Gentle, sweet, supportive and loving, number twos have a tendency to allow others to walk all over them and influence their already fragile self-confidence and self-esteem. Depression and low self-confidence may become a problem for the number two

I am a number TWO Really?

Mary said...

Valerie... try the number one

mine is 4+1+7+1+9+6+3= 31

3+1 = 4

MOM: THIS IS NOT YOU ... do the math again :)

Charise said...

i am a 4!! wahooooooo (i dont get it!)