Tuesday, May 26, 2009

why does mom get all the great old pictures?

This is my uncles boat house on the banks of Peru... he is the one with the proud arms!!

This is Sarah's aunt and uncle : Bessy and Vladimir.... apparently Bessies mom didn't approve of the marriage... but that is a different blog...

This is Ernies royal crest.... but in tagalog it translates to bird with skinny legs

But then again... Ernie doesn't claim to be filipino... so here is his uncle Estevan from Spain...fine fellow... muy guapo.. notice the resemblance of the beard.

Here is Charises grandmother... I believe her name was mammy... I heard she made a mean biscuit..

This is Stevens grandma .... she is the one on the left...the one on the right is Stevens grandpa..he always had a thing for spoons..

and last but not least...this is my grandmas next door neighbors mule ( Heidi)... I have no idea who the other people are...and I don't just want to make it up... right?

You knew I had to go there.... wouldn't be fun otherwise...


Valerie said...

Bahaha! Well done Mary, I think you marginalized as many racial groups as you possibly could.

Charise said...

wow mom! mammy? really?

Vicki said...

I need to apply new make up, these cracked me up
Charise, your mom is a mean woman!

Vicki said...

where is everyone??