Friday, March 14, 2008

HERstory 1

Although I do have a great deal of fond memories of my childhood, one in particular sticks out. I am sure you have all heard it.... the one where the older 10 year old girls stole my money while I was on the way to the store? Well... when I went back and told my mom, she immediately put me in the car and we found those girls. I was scared , but excited. Mom blasted them a few words and they got sassy back, but ultimately the money was returned.
Now here is where "HERstory" is relevant. I believe my mom went after those girls because of the injustice that had been done to me. My mother decided she was going to stick up for me and get that money back. That is the world I live in! I would not ever concede to believe it was her cigarette money.... and little &%$^ was going to take that from her.

Just a little insight on my containers.


Vicki said...

No NO , that wasn't my cigs money. It was your own money. Michael had the bottles to turn in to get my cig money! : )

Sarah Michele said...

Thats awesome. I never thought I would have the balls to do things like that. Once I had Jonny something changed, and while I still barely stick up for myself, I always defend my kids!

I almost punted his fellow preschooler for saying she didn't want to be his friend. She doesn't know what she is missing and I hope she grows old alone. Oh, wait thats kind harsh, she is 3.

valerine1234 said...

I remember (well, I don't remember it happening but I remember the story) of Mom throwing sand in the kid's face because he did it to me first. Awesome.

Mary said...

I was there when mom threw the sand. The little kids mom was furious but mom stood there with a fist of sand ready to do it again if that kid even went near you.

the kid had done it more than once already and the mom wasn't doing anything about it.

My moms indian name! Stands with Sand

Vicki said...

Yes, Stands with Sand, that is me!
I will throw this sand on you kid, i don't care if you are only 6, I will sand blast your ears off your head you little kastlemacher!