Saturday, March 15, 2008

roller coasters

I really love to ride rollercoasters. There is a great excitement right before they say " Enjoy your ride" and they release the brakes. At that moment I ponder my options of death. It is not until I hit the peak of the hill... right before the coaster starts to cascade down... that I let go and just .... scream at the top of my lungs, let go of my hands and raise them over my head!

anyway... now that I am older I can't seem to get on one, for that "options of death" stays with me pretty much the whole damn ride. I am not enjoying myself while I grit my teeth and keep my lips closed so my dentures don't hit the person behind me.


Vicki said...

Thats a site, "hey, who has my dentures"
Some guy with dentures imbedded in his forehead getting off the ride.
My cousin Jimmy decided he wanted to get off that ride at the top of the big hill. He panicked. I held him in for the rest of the horrible ride.

valerine1234 said...

I also feel like a roller coaster would just be such an annoying way to die. I think I would just die really angry at myself for getting on the stupid thing.

Sarah Michele said...

I always think of that picture of Fabio, on a roller coaster, after he ran into (or through) a bird during the ride. He ran into a frickin' bird! Now that I know that this possible, I don't know if I'll ever ride on one again.

Mary said...

What just hit me?

I don't know, but it had big teeth!

valerine1234 said...

Oh my gosh Sarah, that Fabio thing was hilarious! I remember that!

Monica said...

i am on roller coaster hiatus, you know to avoid scambled baby syndrom! but ill be back on them once i pop!
i have to say there is only one ride i physically cannot go on, i just cant make myself get in the line, DROP ZONE, its a ride that is just not ok.