Saturday, March 15, 2008

you're so vain

Some music pulls at my heart strings while others solicite movement from my feet and still others can trigger my inner containers. Suzy Boggus does a great heart felt tune, and Otmar Lebert hits my feet.... but put on some Carly Simon and all my containers fly open and dance!

This is a good and bad thing as some containers need to stay shut. I think I will go to Walmart and buy some latched containers. What are your heart, dance and container opening tunes?


Vicki said...

My heart goes to Janis Joplin
My dance goes to Disco (sorry, can't help it)
My container goes to Led Zeplin
But, my foot taping goes to "Home on the Range"

Sarah Michele said...


Heart= sad country songs
Dance= Michael Jackson
Container= Carol King

All fav. is Aerosmith though.