Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hump day

No ... this is not a dirty blog.... why do they call wednesdays that? I mean middle of the week, sure I understand..

This is for people who work m-f.

So we all have been busy but I do want to tell everyone that the shower is just around the corner... and I am soooo excited.

And... don't forget Miss Brynn will be 5 and Ernie will be 49. And, on the 11th, I will be married to the Big EZ for 9 years.

The constitution is celebrated on the fourth and Ms. Peggy has a birthday at the end of the month. July is becoming as busy as April.

What are your July celebrations?


Vicki said...

I think you hit them all Mary.
Guess the only other thing is for me to upgrade my iphone on July 11.

Monica said...

upgrading your iphone, definilty a reason to celebrate, i mean at least with some coldstone or something!

Valerie said...

That thing gets upgraded? What will it be able to do now, fly to the moon and back?!?

Monica said...

i just noticed after looking at this a few times, that there are raccoons in the drain! lol!!

Vicki said...

I dreamt that something ate these Racoons.

Sarah Michele said...

Isn't Peggy's birthday coming up?

Sarah Michele said...

I just re-read, you got Peggy covered :)