Friday, August 22, 2008

does it matter?

Does it matter if:

1. you don't wear lipstick?

2. you wear pads instead of tampax ?

3. you wear toe rings?

4. you believe in ghosts?

5. you like sugar and cream in your coffee?

No... it doesn't. It is what makes us unique. What doesn't matter to you?


Vicki said...

1. how long your hair is
2. what kind of tp you use
3. what color ink do you like
4. what kind of car you drive
5. I do care if you like the Matrix...: )

Amanda said...

1. if you haven't had a boyfriend yet haha
2. if you don't wear brand name clothing (walmart, baby!)
3. if your hair isn't always styled (I hate those girls in my class)
4.if your are not an outgoing person
5. if someone doesn't like you as a person (there are plenty of other people that do)

Monica said...

amanda, those are all great answers as to why you are such a great person. Im proud to call you my sister in law.
when i went to the jc i had to be there so early i usually went in sweats...those girls who get up at 5 am to look good at a 7 am class have issues, and low self esteem!

Valerie said...

Styling your hair everyday is way overrated. Who has time for that? I enjoy the ponytail myself....

Amanda said...

haha thanks guys i just had to make that a point, all those girl make me so mad, looking soo perfect! adn yes i enjoy the ponytail too.