Friday, November 21, 2008

feeling punchy

I feel a little bit snippy... I recognize it is because of what is going on, but I also know I need to recognize how I feel and not act on it. Today an nurse came in and wanted a job interview. He came in with his wife and two month old baby. He was not dressed in scrubs and he was not ready for the interview, not bringing a resume or cover letter. I rescheduled him because I felt he and I were not ready to tackle what was wrong with that situation. This was better all around, and I kept my cool because he was a potential employee.... but it took every last cell I had to keep it together.... Two more weeks and I have a little time off.... I am going to sleep.


Vicki said...

Thats a shame that he wasn't taught the right way to interview that shows respect for the job and the facility.

Busby said...

Ummm... I wouldn't even bother interviewing him. Interviews show people on their best behavior... if he can't show the proper respect about handling that, how will he be when there are patients involved or something life and death?