Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Now... usually I like that word.... to me it means I do not have to work most major holidays and I can go to meetings and not worry about other things... there are perks like getting access to corporate files and being privy to some secret spy missions..

but today I found out.... I don't like it.

I work 60 hours without a single cent in overtime because I am salaried

I have to take my PTO ( paid time off ) hours for holidays whether I work them or not

I am placed on the floor to offset other peoples overtime

I only get paid 2 x a month..... 15th and 30th... I really did appreciate the occasional 3rd paycheck for longer months.

SO.... lets really think about this...

more work, less pay ..... all because I am exempt.... HUH?


Monica said...


that is pretty frickin lame.

Vicki said...

Yes, HUH??